This is a personal photo. We bought a Tesla Model 3 in June of 2019. If you know any Tesla owners you’ve probable seen more photos of their car than of their kids. Tesla owners are forever posting photos of their car in the driveway, at a charging station, at the beach, etc.

I wanted to get a photo of our car also but being a professional photographer I wasn’t going to settle for an iPhone shot. I also wanted to identify as being from the Pacific Northwest and nothing says Western Washington than this view of Mt. Rainier, unless of course the fish mongers at Pike Place Market.

This photo involved The Photographer’s Ephemeris and a lot of driving to find a location where the sun would be in the right location at the right time (about 30 minutes before sunset). The location is in an area that was under development and had a housing development next to it. People walked past me while out on an evening stroll and probably wondered why I was just standing there not taking photos. Of course I was waiting for the light to be right.

After I got a shot in the can I hung around to see if the geese in the pond behind the car would take off. Fortunately they did and I shot several frames of the geese behind the car with Mt. Rainer backing them. (The geese took off on their own volition, no geese were harassed in the making of this image.)

Post production on this image isn’t very extensive. The usual amount of levels balancing and sharpening. About the only thing I did to modify the image was to twist the Tesla logo around on the wheel covers so they were right side up.

If you’re thinking of buying a Tesla you absolutely should. They’re fun cars to drive and good for the environment.

Oh, and the name of this post, Pepper? That’s the name of the car, Tesla owners name their cars, we’re insufferable that way. Pepper because it’s red like a hot chili pepper, and it’s peppy to drive (zero to sixty in 4.4 seconds).

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