Ponte Vecchio

Here’s some personal information about me, I wake up early. On the other hand my wife and daughters like to sleep in. This can come in handy when we’re on vacation and I want to do some photography but the family doesn’t want to trudge along and watch me take endless images of the same thing with different exposures and slightly different angles.

We were in Florence and I wanted to get a photo of Ponte Vecchio over the Arno River. Both because it’s a famous landmark and has a lot of history behind it, but mostly because it’s in one of my daughter’s favorite Puccini arias, O mio babbino caro.

So I scouted the location the previous day, then got up early to take several images of the bridge. This one was taken when the sun was very low in the sky, giving the bridge a soft look.

Post production was mostly to enhance the softness of the light. A layer of masked Gaussian filter with the mask slowly sliced away in different locations, then light layer leveling. Colors were enhanced almost to the point where they glowed.

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