I participated in a group photo shoot at an old seminary in Kenmore WA organized by Jack Kegley. The seminary was very run down and the theme was Madness. Most of the work was done was nudes and tatters.

It’s funny where inspiration comes from. When I scouted the location and found this open window, the cross on the opposite roof, and the way the light was streaming in I thought it would make for a reflective image. I was working with Invy at the time on some other projects and I knew that she could pull off a reflective pose. She was at the shoot so I asked her to find some rather disheveled clothing and explained to her that I wanted an image of a person recovering from an addiction and is reflecting on her life. She pulled this off in relatively few exposures.

Post production on this image is focused on making her look older and worn down. Lots of sharpening, hard light, and some of Calvin Hollywood’s Freaky Amazing Detail at a very low opacity. I added the scars on her wrist and made some images with and without the scars. I liked the one with the scars better.

Invy is a gorgeous and talented model who I highly recommend and would work with in a heartbeat.

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