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Aerial Cinematography

Generate lasting buyer attention with photos and video from a cinematic perspective.

Our drone is pre-programmed with cinematic effects designed to grab viewer attention and burn an indelible memorable.


Tips on Drone Operator Selection

Be careful when selecting a drone pilot. Federal regulations are very particular. If your pilot doesn't meet those criteria they are committing a federal crime and that may come back to haunt you.


At this time in order to operate an unmanned aerial system (UAS, aka drone) for commercial purposes a person needs the following:


• Section 333 exemption from the FAA

• A Private pilot's license

• An n-registered drone (just like a 747 needs a tail number)


A good analogy is to think of a transportation company. In order to operate a transportation company you need a license to operate the business, this is analogous to the Section 333 exemption. But having that license doesn't mean you can go out and drive an 18-wheeler, for that you need a commercial driver's license, this is analogous to a private pilot license. And finally, you can't drive an unregistered truck on the road. Getting the N-Number registration for a drone completes the commercial drone operator criteria.










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