Fun with Photoshop

This is from a commercial shoot I did for a chiropractor. After the usual advertising shots I asked him if we could get creative. When you think of a chiropractor you naturally think of their hands. This isn’t too surprising since the word comes from the Greek words “ praxis ” and “ cheir “, meaning to practice or to treat using hands.

So I set up a background that would be easy to isolate him from as well as some pretty plain lighting that I could play with later. I got several shots of his face and then of his hands.

As you can imagine, post production was a bit more than the usual touch-up. Overlaying his face proved to be more complicated than I originally thought. When I just took his face and put it over his hands it didn’t fit. After resizing it just didn’t look right. The solution was to make two layers of his face over his hands, pull them apart and mask them out. After that it was the usual light levels and sharpening.

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